Digging Deeper: Exploring the inner workings of pacemakers and ICDs

SS of Digging Deeper ICDs and PacemakersAs both technology and our geriatric population grows, paramedics are now treating more patients with internal pacemaker/internal cardiac defibrillators (ICDs) than ever before.  But, how much do we actually *know* about these lifesaving devices?

Can we dig deeper into the ECG and instead of thinking, “Oh *!%$*!  pacemaker spikes!” actually know what’s going on with our patient?  Absolutely.

This continuing education covers a whole host of pacemaker, ICD, and even bundle branch block information to help you better understand and care for your patient.  See what medical conditions warrant a pacemaker, the devices we may see in the field, how to recognize problems with the pacemaker itself, and explore the modified Sgarbossa’s criteria to increase your suspicion of a STEMI in both pacemaker and left bundle branch block patients.


Step 1: Media: Download and read the pdf file (8.2 MB).  Get it hereDigging Deeper into Pacemakers and ICDs.pdf


Step 2: Take the Quiz at QuestBase.  Log into your QuestBase account at www.questbase.com/a/umcems.  If you don’t have a free account yet, please visit our Contact Us page for information on how to obtain one.  Once you’ve logged in, look for the CE entitled:”Digging Deeper into Pacemakers and ICDs


Step 3: Education you’ll earn upon successful completion:  

  • Texas state:
    • 1 hour paramedic-level credit for the Medical component


  • NREMT for NCCP requirements: 1 hour
    • Paramedic:  Individual or Local Continued Competency (may be used as Local if designated as such by the individual’s EMS service)