Initial EMS Field Triage: The Mass Casualty Event

ss-of-initial-ems-field-triageIt’s just you, your partner, one ambulance, and a dozen or more patients screaming for help.  One is demanding immediate transport for his injured arm, another is in your face panicking about his car, and someone else is quiet… too quiet and barely breathing.  This is an MCI, and now you have to basically herd cats.  Or worse, figure out the complexities of the latest triage tag design.

This continuing education will take you through the more common rapid triage algorithms and help to make sense of it all.  You’ll understand your role and responsibilities on scene of an incident, no matter if it involves just three vehicles or a stadium full of people.  We’ll explore START, JumpSTART, SALT, MASS, MUCC, and become one with DISASTER and RPM.  Triage tags will be explained step-by-step along with the most effective ways to handle the cats…er, crowds you’re facing.

Step 1: Media:  The education is contained in a pdf.  You can download it from our DropBox link at:  Just be aware it is a bit large in size (55 MB).  Remember, you don’t need a DropBox account or login to access any of our educational materials.  Just click on the “Download” button that appears at the upper right corner, and if a pop-up box appears, look towards the bottom option, “No thanks, continue to download”.


Step 2: Take the Quiz at QuestBase.  Log into your QuestBase account at  If you don’t have a free account yet, please visit our “Sign Up page for information on how to obtain one.  Once you’ve logged in, look for the CE entitled: “Initial EMS Field Triage: The Mass Casualty Event“.


Step 3: Education you’ll earn upon successful completion:

  • Texas state: 1 hour for Clinically-Related Operations (all certifications)


  • NREMT for NCCP requirements:
    • 1 hour for Trauma: Field Triage for all levels.


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