Jurisprudence Exam for EMS

Beware of the Sign copyRules.  If you wanna play the game, you gotta know the rules.  It’s no different whether you’re a physician, nurse, or EMT at any certification level.

And Texas wants to be sure we know the rules of our profession.  Starting September 1, 2017, all certified EMTs at all levels of certification will need to complete an approved jurisprudence exam continuing education course before they can recertify.  Guess where you can find one of those courses? 🙂

There is no statewide, standard-issue jurisprudence exam though, unlike other healthcare professions.  Instead, Texas’ Department of State Health Services offers a unique approach and allows approved continuing education providers (such as us!) to develop education that meets the state’s learning objectives.  Successful completion of the CE fulfills your jurisprudence exam requirement for the current recertification cycle.

Why choose us for your jurisprudence exam needs?

  • We’re an approved Texas continuing education provider
  • You can read the education at your own pace
  • You’ll earn a CE certificate after completion (and we’ll bet your employer will want a copy of that)
  • And best of all, it’s free!  How can you beat free?

If you’re not a student with us yet, just click on the “Sign Up!” link at the top of this page, fill out the simple form, and give us a few days to build your account.  And you’ll have access to all of the other CE on this site too!

We never sell, rent, or give away your contact information.  This CE site exists simply because of UMC EMS’ love for teaching prehospital medicine both in Lubbock and well beyond our city’s limits.


To earn credit for this education:

Step 1: Media:  The education is contained in a pdf file that can be downloaded from our DropBox account at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qnoiyth86ot9vdp/Jurisprudence%20Examination%20for%20EMS.pdf?dl=0

It’s a bit over 2 MB in file size to download.  Remember, you don’t need a DropBox account or even a login to access any of our educational materials.  Just click on the “Download” button that appears at the upper right corner, and if a pop-up box appears, look towards the bottom option, “No thanks, continue to download”.


Step 2: Take the Quiz at QuestBase.  Log into your QuestBase account we’ve built for you at www.questbase.com/a/umcems.  If you don’t have a free account yet, please visit our “Sign Up page for information on how to obtain one.  Once you’ve logged in, look for the CE entitled: “Jurisprudence Exam for EMS”.


Step 3: Education you’ll earn upon successful completion:

  • Texas state: 1 hour for Preparatory (all certifications) plus you’ll meet your jurisprudence exam requirement for the current recertification cycle.


  • NREMT for NCCP requirements:
    • All certification levels: 1 hour towards Local or Individual Continued Competency for Texas certificants.