When the Pump Fails: Heart Failure

SS of When the Pump Fails Heart FailureLeft sided heart failure, right sided, congestive heart failure, advanced heart failure, systolic, diastolic… and don’t forget what the kidneys do to make things worse!  Whew!  No wonder heart failure can be a dreaded topic for EMS.  However, we’re offering a CE to help clarify the confusion and dig deep into the what’s and why’s of the heart failure patient, their medications, and how we can optimize their care in the prehospital setting.  Click on the “more” link below to expand the page and find the link for the educational material.

To earn credit for this education:

Step 1: Media

The education is contained in a pdf file that can be downloaded from our DropBox account at: https://www.dropbox.com/s/i74xzwo0omdmaej/When%20the%20Pump%20Fails%20Heart%20Failure%20CE.pdf?dl=0

You don’t need a DropBox account or even a login to access any of our educational materials. Just click on the “Download” button that appears at the upper right corner, and if a pop-up box appears, look towards the bottom option, “No thanks, continue to download”.


Step 2: Take the Quiz at QuestBase

Log into your QuestBase account we’ve built for you at www.questbase.com/a/umcems. If you don’t have a free account yet, please visit our “Sign Up“ page for information on how to obtain one. Once you’ve logged in, look for the CE entitled: “When the Pump Fails: Heart Failure”.


Step 3: Education you’ll earn upon successful completion:

Texas state: 1 hour for Medical or…

NREMT for NCCP requirements:
1 hour towards Medical: Congestive Heart Failure