Resources to download and help you with your continuing education

We offer a walkthrough to help you start and finish your first CE course, a tutorial on using QuestBase, and web page links to continuing education requirements (Texas and NREMT).


Just click on the links below to access the material or web page (opens in a new tab):

  • Quick Continuing Education Walkthrough.  This pdf file shows you how to find CE, learn from it, and take the quiz on QuestBase.  Make life easy: Take a few minutes to look over this quick guide before you start your first course.  This link will send you directly to the file housed on our DropBox account.
  • Tutorial on using QuestBase.  This is a more detailed step-by-step guide on using QuestBase.  You’ll learn how to access the quizzes, retake a quiz if necessary, and learn how to download your CE completion certificates.  QuestBase is very intuitive, but it does have a few small quirks you’ll want to learn about.  This link will send you directly to the tutorial file on our DropBox account.


Texas Department of State Health Services recertification requirements:


NREMT National Continued Competency Program brochures:*



*   Hey, what’s new with NREMT?  As of April 1, 2016, Texas EMTs, EMT-Advanced, and Paramedics moved to a National Continued Competency Program (NCCP) model for continuing education, which has now been adopted by more than 20 other states.

What is the NCCP?  Every recertification cycle (2 years), the NCCP requires half of your recertification hours to fall within the National Competency Requirements.  This education is targeted to specific areas of need, such as VADs (ventricular assist devices), congestive heart failure, communicable diseases, and other topics relevant to today’s prehospital care.  The education offered by UMC EMS addresses specific sections of the NCCP to help you meet your CE needs in areas that are usually more difficult to find.

For example, UMC itself became a heart center for the HeartMate LVAD.  We received great education and training from both the Thoratec Corporation® and our hospital.  In turn, we can provide you with up-to-date EMS education on VAD devices to help you provide the most appropriate care without fear.  In addition, our CE on LVAD devices meets the paramedic’s NREMT requirement for 0.5 hours of VAD education.  Actually, you’ll earn an hour with our case review CE on LVADs because there’s so much to learn about them!  The other half hour can be allocated to your NCCP Individual CE needs.

Aside from the National Requirements, the remaining 30 hours may include other state or local CE.  Please read the FAQ or visit the NREMT’s page for recertification at for more information.