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Doing What’s Right Versus What’s Easy: Professionalism in EMS

ss-of-doing-whats-right-versus-whats-easyIf you’re looking for that elusive Affective Characteristics education for your NREMT NCCP recertification, look no further!

Professionalism and cultural competency in EMS can be challenging.  While we cherish memories of those kind-hearted patients who really filled our sense of purpose, we also face the darker side of the spectrum: We’re spit at, bit, insulted, and sometimes treated no better than a pile of hot steamy canine excrement.

We shrug off much of it, but sometimes those bad encounters keep creeping into our own subconscious little by little.  Yet, our EMS profession requires the highest level of trust, compassion, and competency.  This education was developed to remind us of our professional obligations and to see other cultures and people in a more open light.

We hope you don’t see the education as yet another NREMT National Continued Competency or Texas state Preparatory CE slot to fill, but something that can hopefully benefit someone you know in the future.

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