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Potent Poppies: Opioids in the Prehospital Setting

SS for Potent PoppiesFentanyl and morphine… the meat n’ potatoes of a paramedic’s analgesia toolbox.  But, how well do you understand how these drugs work in the body?  Why does fentanyl kick in quicker, but doesn’t last as long as morphine?  How do you manage unusual situations, such as a patient with cancer taking more milligrams of morphine each day than you carry in the box?  Can you help her through the breakthrough pain?  And what’s this methadone stuff?  Click on the “more” link below to find the link to the pdf education, learn, and earn some CE in the process — hint: NREMT recerts using the 2016 curricula… you need the Toxicological Emergencies credit, don’t ya?

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