Trauma Tourniquets

SS of Trauma TourniquetsAll bleeding stops eventually.  One of our goals though is to stop the bleeding earlier rather than later.  This Trauma Tourniquets CE covers one area of severe hemorrhage control: Arterial bleeding from an extremity.

We’ll explore the history of tourniquets, types, indications, contraindications, and even the myths in this video/hybrid CE.


Burn Trauma: Prehospital Care of the Burn Patient

ss-of-burn-traumaWinter.  Time for snow, cold winds, and house fires?  It makes sense… high-demand space heaters plugged into questionable electrical sources, fireplaces left unattended, and other ways to get through the freezing weather.  Unless of course you live in south Texas — we envy you a bit over here in the northwestern part of the state for that.

No matter what the cause, we need to treat our thermal, chemical, inhalation, and electrical burn patients appropriately to give them the best chance at quality life and productivity.  While death from burn injuries is nowhere near the numbers affected by stroke, heart attacks, and even falls, it can lead to lifelong disability if not treated appropriately by the earliest healthcare providers: Us.

This education follows the principles and guidelines offered in the American Burn Association’s™ Advanced Burn Life Support with some modifications made for our prehospital needs.  Please note that it is not a replacement for the full ABLS class.