VAN Stroke Screen Assessment Tool

The VAN Stroke Screen is used by UMC EMS in Lubbock, Texas as a pre-notification tool for the hospital, letting them know that EMS has an increased suspicion for a large vessel occlusion with this patient. This allows endovascular protocols and the team to be notified for possible thrombectomy to remove the clot.

The first step involves the standard Cincinnati Stroke Scale.  If arm drift is present, perform the VAN stroke screen right afterwards.  Chad and Donnie demonstrate the ease and speed of the VAN stroke screen, and the best part is: No scores to calculate!  Click on the video link below to view the YouTube stream:

YouTube Link



If you’re interested in bringing the VAN Stroke Screen to your EMS service, we have a printable “VAN Cheat Sheet” that we usually laminate and keep in the ambulances in case someone needs a reminder.  Download the pdf below, or download the PowerPoint version if you’d like to adapt it VAN Cheat Sheetfor your own service’s needs.  Just export the finished product as a pdf.

PDF Version:

PowerPoint Version: