We’re growing and improving…

The outreach education site has been moved to a completely new platform and server. We’ve used this system at UMC EMS for over a year now and should have the bugs worked out.

If you have a CE account with our previous platform (QuestBase), don’t worry. Your QuestBase account is still 100% accessible and you can access your CE certificates from your History tab. However, you won’t see any new courses added there because we are moving all of our education to this new site.

Why the move? This new platform allows us to integrate everything into one site… no more side trips to your QuestBase account, no hops to a YouTube channel, and no more Dropbox. While these services have been good to us for the past five years, it’s time we bring everything together to make your educational experience better!

What’s new with this change?

  • We’re now partnering with one of our UMC departments to expand our education! UMC Trauma & Burn is a major Level 1 Trauma center and Accredited Burn Center, and through this partnership, we’ll be offering video-based accredited education from experts in the field to physicians, EMS professionals, and nurses! This allows us to look at the entire picture from the scene to hospital admission!
  • Videos, educational material, and class lists are now all on one site. Video-based courses are broken down into manageable lessons with the videos embedded right in the course. If you get sent to a call, you won’t lose your progress like before.
  • You can print out a list of all of the courses you’ve taken or save the list as a PDF. This is very helpful for handing to your training officer at your EMS or to use as a checklist for recertification.
  • Like before, your CE certificates are downloadable as a PDF file and it’s easy to find them in your course listing.
  • The user interface is very clean and easy to use. No more “hidden enrollment” tabs. You’ll know exactly where to start and where to pick back up.
  • We have more control over the server end and backups… something we were limited with using QuestBase.

What do I need to do now?

Unfortunately, we can’t merge your QuestBase CE data with this new platform. So, we’ll keep your QuestBase account up and running so you can access it, but you’ll need to create a new account here to continue learning through our program. Please register using the button below:

Finally, when you get a chance (and if you haven’t done so already), you may want to log into QuestBase at https://www.questbase.com/a/umcems and download your CE certificates for your records. At some point (probably mid to late 2022), we’ll close QuestBase completely. We’ll hang on to your records for 5 years after you took the course as required by Texas DSHS, but it’s a lot quicker for you to have your certificates on hand already versus contacting us for an emailed copy, right?

We really appreciate you and your commitment to learning! Please let us know if you have any problems with this new site!